We started MotoLink with the goal of bringing the latest connectivity and telematics technology to motorcycles, ATVs and all other powersports vehicles. During the past decade, the automotive industry made incredible progress introducing sophisticated infotainment and connectivity tech to cars. Today’s car software has more lines of code than Windows Vista operating system! All this was done, so that the drivers and the passengers can enjoy the benefits of a connected car, ADAS systems and, soon, fully autonomous vehicles. Why do the motorcycle and ATV riders have to be left behind?


We wanted to change that. But we couldn’t just transfer the same technology over, because It’s not that simple. The powersports industry is fragmented with few existing standards and many proprietary technologies in use. Besides, riding a bike or an ATV is not the same as driving a car, and there are some very specific requirements for such technology. With years of experience in both automotive and powersports industries, our team created the brand-agnostics MotoLink platform to combine the best of two worlds and enable the industry stakeholders to make the the riding experience more convenient, fun and safe for the riders!



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